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C.L.A.S.S and STAR Puppy training

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R and K are doing great in their training classes! R has his class first, then K has class immediately after. It works out perfectly because I only have to drive them to class one day a week instead of two, and while one is training, the other is crated. It’s really helping to teach them both that it’s ok for one to get attention without the other having to butt in. R is having the most trouble being crated. He doesn’t usually get crated so I can totally understand why he isn’t happy about it. K is ok with it unless she can see her brother getting attention and having fun. Then she throws a little fit until she realizes she isn’t getting anywhere.

So far R has started learning settle, spin, wait, stay, and we are working on his recall. He is the oldest in his class, and his recall is about as fast as a turtle running through molasses in February during a wicked Nor’easter… Which is to say not very fast. He doesn’t get excited about much when it comes to training. I asked if I could bring in a squirrel to get him moving… The answer was no.

In K’s class we worked on sit and down tonight, as well as puppy massage. K LOVED the massage part of class. At first she fought me every step of the way because it involved light restraint, and touching her paws, but then she about fell asleep on my lap. We got a quick 10 minutes to play before we left, too, and K made a friend! A little female Australian shepherd mix.

Even though R is bored with the class and not very willing to participate or show any enthusiasm, I’m still looking forward to really working with him and getting him to pass the test at the end. He is already an obedience school drop out, so we can’t drop out of this class, too. I think he is just bored, to be honest. He’s really smart, he’s just lazy and knows he doesn’t really have to do any of the tricks we do in class. I need to be a little more confident for him.

I will try to update when I can, but once school starts it won’t be easy. A&P I is gonna be tough!


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